Supporting Students in Data Analysis: The Struggle is Real…and Worth It! Webinar-November 15, 2017

Science investigations and their related content knowledge provide excellent opportunities for students to work with data. But too often students jump to a claim, missing opportunities for creative and critical thinking as they attempt to make sense of data. Join VAEI staff and like-minded colleagues as we explore strategies to model and support students in their efforts to evaluate, organize, represent, and interpret data in ways that support the creation of evidence-based claims and the growth of science content understanding.

In this webinar, we’ll explore…
•Strategies to support students in analyzing data
•The critical role data analysis plays in the development of student explanations
•Resources to guide K-12 students in analyzing data

Download links and related resources to use in your classroom right away.

Downloadable resources in this webinar include:

  1. Data Analysis Component Notes

  2. Data Analysis Student Prompt

  3. Graph Choice Chart

  4. Matrix of Science and Engineering Practices

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